We have been working through the spectrum to find inspiration for living.  Here's the Focused Moment for Orange, a day we played and remembered what being lighthearted is all about.

Head ducking under,
splurting laughter between caught breaths,
she wriggled her way
through the wired, snaking nylon tube,
its sides quaking
in equal measure
with her squeals of delight.
Emerging from a spring-formed circle
six feet further down the tube,
she catches my eye,
screams in wild, ecstatic glee
as though I'd lunged toward her,
and dove back inside the wobbling maw,
her orange playskirt flapping round
the pink and purple stripes that were her legs.

I'd raised one eyebrow...
enough, still, to urge a child
into the limitless joy
that wells up from a source
available to us both,
yet so much more easily accessed
by those whose hearts are young.

May our lives be as chalices
dipping into the common source
that sings us joy
and nourishes with delight.
May we drink it in,
deep and rich,
no drop wasted,
until we are sated.
Then, perhaps, we will remember.
Then, perhaps, we can play.