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Become a Participant

Participate in or sponsor a church event, or organize your own event with proceeds to West Hill United Church, and feel the sense of pride in working together towards our community's goals.

Become an Ongoing Supporter

You can become a regular monthly supporter in three easy ways:

  • Donate Now to West Hill UnitedOnline through CanadaHelps.  CanadaHelps is an online donation portal that provides access to Canada's 80,000 charities.  It’s a secure and convenient way to donate to charities and you receive your tax receipt electronically directly from them when you make your donation.  Through CanadaHelps you can make a one-time donation or a monthly donation to your credit card.  You choose the date on which the charge is made to your account.
  • Make a regular monthly donation through our Pre-Authorized Remittance or PAR program. The United Church of Canada administers our PAR program which makes a withdrawal from your bank account on or about the 20th of each month.  Receipts for these donations are made through the congregation's regular records procedures so you will receive your receipt for income tax purposes in the early weeks of each new year.  Contact for more information.
  • Tribute gifts are a meaningful way to honour friends or family members.  While appropriate at any time, a tribute gift can make a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other occasion particularly special.

Make a One Time Gift

The most obvious way to do this is to donate through CanadaHelps. There are a variety of other ways to make a one-time gift, too.  Several of these do not involve an immediate cash donation and are outlined below.  Some of these are listed below. 

Make a Gift of Securities

When you donate securities listed on prescribed stock exchanges, mutual funds and segregated funds of life insurance companies to charities (other than private foundations) you will receive a tax receipt for the value of the securuties donated and you do not have to include any portion of the resulting capital gain in your income.

Order Gift Cards Through West Hill United

Purchase gift cards through West Hill for everyday purchases, as gifts, or for business needs and 1% to 10% of the amount is donated back to West Hill by the gift card company, Fundscrip.  It really adds up! Click here for more information.

Consider Planned Giving

Most people would like to be remembered for contributing to the life of their community. It is possible to arrange your financial affairs so that you can take care of the needs of your family as well as make a lasting contribution to West Hill United Church. Planned Giving is a creative approach which benefits you and the charity of your choice. The following are some of the most common types of planned charitable gifts:


Your Will provides you with the opportunity to leave a lump sum or percentage of your estate to West Hill United Church. Naming the church ensures the values and interests that are most dear to you continue to flourish after you are gone. A receipt will be issued to offset estate taxes and taxes arising from capital gains.

Life Insurance

You can transfer the ownership of a paid-up (whole life or universal) policy to West Hill United Church and receive a tax receipt for the cash surrender value of the policy.

You can take out a whole life or universal insurance policy or transfer the ownership of one on which premiums remain to be paid and receive tax receipts for the cash surrender value and the annual premiums.

You can name West Hill United Church as the beneficiary of your insurance policy and your estate will receive a tax receipt for the amount of the insurance proceeds paid upon the death of the donor. 

Endowment Funds

An endowment fund is an irrevocable donation that provides income in perpetuity and can be restricted to fund a specific purpose. Endowment funds are a permanently restricted net asset, the principal of which is protected and the income from which may be reinvested or spent depending on the donor's wishes.

If you have other ideas about how you can support West Hill, please give us a call or contact us at