Almost finished our Spectrum series, here is the Focused Moment for Red. We talked about passion and the links between love and hate.

It might be
that other colours, too,
catch your attention,
but red,
red drenches your eyes,
captivates your senses,
melts into your very marrow.
What lies within,
what streams secretly through your veins,
makes itself known
in this silent way,
pressing your optic nerve
to seek out its mirrored siblings
in a world opposed to its exposure.
We quake
at the sight of our own blood,
grow faint
when it flows outside its prescribed vessels.
So it teases our queasiness
by drawing us
to setting suns
and Braveheart roses,
peppermint stripes
and crimson dresses,
the free flow
borne within
and entrancing beyond.