A new staff member!  I'm Kelly Colwell, the Manager of Programs and Administration.  I'll be supporting programs, helping to support and encourage volunteers, resourcing the upcoming fundraising campaign, helping to develop new programs and events, working on improving communication, and basically helping to keep things humming around West Hill.  

I'm an American transplant from the beautiful state of Oregon, where I first learned to love hiking, camping, and being outside.  I studied environmental engineering at the University of Colorado where I minored in applied statistics.  I worked for several years as a campus minister at an organization that welcomed queer and marginalized students, where I first learned how institutional and religious language can function as a barrier and how everyone's practice can be supported by changing terms and focusing on shared values.  I came to Canada three years ago to start at Emmanuel College and have been exploring the progressive fringes of the United Church ever since.  I finished my M.Div in April and I'm excited to work for a community that asks the hard questions, changes things that need to be changed, and looks to the future with bold optimism.  

I'll be working half time for the next while.  Get in touch with me by e-mail ( or or meet me next Sunday (July 7) and let me know what you love most about West Hill.

Kelly Colwell