West Hill Wants to Talk! - Maritime Conference

Folks from West Hill United, alongside Gretta, continue the dialogue in the Maritime Conference:

Commitment to Community, With or Without God:

Promoting Respectful Dialogue As we look to the Future of The United Church of Canada with Gretta Vosper and members of West Hill United Church.

The United Church of Canada is in a time of radical transition. Membership is in steep decline and its future is uncertain. The congregation of West Hill United Church and their minister, Gretta Vosper, with a vision of what the church might become for another generation, have radically redefined what it means to them to be a United Church Community. They have done so, even as Vosper’s life-time involvement with this denomination has taken her to a place where she now self-identifies as an atheist. That has led many to conclude that she has disqualified herself from ministry. Her congregation continues to affirm her ministry. We have invited them to tell their story and share their experience. This is another of those challenging moments in the life of our denomination. We face it at a time when civil discourse is hard to come by; when the tactics of the politics of polarization have affected us all. In this environment it is easier to find echo chambers for our own opinions than it is to engage those with whom we disagree. The need to find common ground and common cause has never been greater. When people will not speak with one another, there is slim hope for finding that common ground. So we invite you, whether traditionalist or atheist or somewhere in between, to join us with your questions and concerns. The aim of this time together is to hear and to understand one another. In an atmosphere of trust we hope to consider whether and how the United Church might provide space for all of us.

Two Options:

Monday, September 25

Afternoon and Evening Sessions begin 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Trinity United Church 36 St John St, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

To Register: Contact Joanne McFadden tuc.shelburne@ns.sympatico.ca 1 (902) 875-2943


Wednesday, September 27 A full day of sessions:  10:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM

Forest Hill United Church 45 Kimble Court Fredericton, New Brunswick

To Register: Contact Murray McFarlane murrayfmcfarlane@gmail.com 1 (506) 461-1579


Registration Information

  Please connect with the contact persons by email (preferred) or telephone with: - your name, address, email & phone contact information.

The registration fee will be yours to determine - a free-will offering - either in advance of our time together or upon your arrival. Please be generous in support of this important exploration.

All are welcome, please invite the committed and the curious to come with you!

West Hill United