“Atheist Minister May Face “Review” by United Church of Canada Leaders Who See Her as a Heretic” - Hemant Mehta

 These past weeks have seen conversations bloom in churches, over the airwaves, in the news and across the internet.

“How can it be that an atheist can minister to a

congregation within the United Church?”

These conversations are not new, they have been happening over the past decade as gretta has inspired, provided care, and called us to live according to our values vision.


Our grounding is the interconnectedness of life.

Our response to life is to love.                        

Our sources for inspiration are diverse.            

Our vision is growth.                                     

Our gatherings are mutli-faceted                     


…and our minister is an atheist                        

For the first time, a United Church minister is being reviewed on the basis of her beliefs, never mind that she has openly worn these beliefs for more than a decade. 

So why now?

Read the article by Hemant Mehta, posted May 27th