PAR Almost on Par with Our 65 Ways to Wonderful Goal!

It is an ambitious goal, but we are very close to meeting it! Early this year, Randy Bowes, the Chair of our Board (and also our Envelope Steward), challenged us to step up to the offering plate with PAR cards instead of weekly donations and many of you have generously responded. Thank you for doing that!

For those of you who are wondering what we're talking about, PAR is our Pre-Authorized Remittance program. It stabilizes our financial health by providing a regular contribution base. And it's good for you, too, because you don't have to worry about meeting your commitment to the church when you are away or scrambling to find your chequebook on your way out the door and you know what your annual tax receipt for your charitable donation is going to look like.

Anyone can contribute to West Hill through our PAR program from anywhere in the world. We have donors in the United States and in other provinces in Canada. We are leaders in the groundbreaking work we do and many who will never be able to join us in our main Scarborough building or our satellite gathering in Mississauga use PAR to support our work.  

Our challenge for our anniversary year is to increase our monthly PAR donations by 25% in order to bring our assured monthly donations to $2060/month. Donors on PAR pledge amounts that reflect what their monthly budget can manage. Smaller monthly donations may reflect a larger portion of a smaller budget while large monthly donations may be a smaller percentage of a much bigger household budget. It doesn't matter what you're comfortable doing; every PAR contribution counts. 

We are hoping to reach our target by adding a further $396 to our monthly PAR total. That translates to five new households signing up for a monthly contribution of $80 or ten current contributors increasing their donation by $40 per month. Of course, there are hundreds of different combinations that could help us reach our goal; as noted above, every PAR contribution counts. 

For this year, 65 per cent of the cumulative increase in PAR over the course of the year will be matched by donors to a maximum of $13,000. These individuals are sold on the idea of PAR as a path that will take us into the future with confidence. Please use their generosity to inspire your commitment as well and match this year's contributions by 65%.

To subscribe to our PAR program, please connect with Randy by email or through the church office. You may also contribute on a monthly basis through CanadaHelps. Each program has small administratice costs; we prefer PAR as those costs are lower but CanadaHelps is easier foy you to set up.

We look forward to watching these number rise and are excited about reaching not just our financial goals, but offering increased program opportunities, as well. We have much to offer. Let's make it happen!