Your Sacred Story - with Janice Meighan

Six Week Workshop Series

A wonderful opportunity to engage in discussion and explore elements of your journey as a sacred human person. During the traditional season of Lent the story of Jesus, both as human and the Christ, has been the focus; it has been told and retold and reimagined – even at WHU, from its founding 65 years ago to recent times.              

We will briefly look at character traits and elements from 5 Gospel Authors about the life of Jesus, the human person, as “jumping off” points.  But YOU have a sacred story and this workshop is for you and others to explore what that sacred story is, if you don’t already know it fully.  If you have already connected with your story, we'd love for you to come out and share it with us.  

We are offering two attendance options:  

  • Monday Mornings           February 23nd   – March 30th 10:00 am – 11:30 am                                                             (The Sunday morning time slot previously offered, has been replaced with Monday mornings!)
  • Wednesday Evenings     February 25th    – April 1st        7:30 pm –  9:00 pm 

This workshop is open to everyone and has no registration fee; however, there will be a basket for any free-will offerings to help cover costs of refreshments and workshop materials.  

If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want more information please speak with Janice in person or email