What Has Life Taught You?

One of our 65 Ways to Wonder projects is a beautiful book that will highlight what it is we, as people engaged with West Hill United, have learned on our way through life. Set against Gretta's photography, the book will share insights from our youngest members to our oldest and will be a testimony to the ideals and values that West Hill people hold dear. 

To participate, simply complete the sentence, "In _______ years, I've learned that ________" twenty times. Why twenty? Because we want you to think deeply about what it is you've learned and why it has been important to you.  We'd like you to make sure your age is filled in in the blank but we don't need any further information. You can add your name if you like, but if you do, please also let us know whether you are okay with us publishing it in the book.

The entries will be edited and selected for publication and the result will be a testimony to what we, as an extraordinary community, have learned over the accumulation of our years. 

Send your responses to the office or drop a paper copy off next time you're in.  

Thanks for participating in this special 65th anniversary project!