Calling Tech-savvy Students!

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We're delighted to announce that we're hiring two students (probably older than these prodigies!) for seven-week contracts this summer.  The two positions are tech jobs, one focused on video and the other focused on the web site.  Look for some changes around here after the summer!

If you are a student and returning to school next year and have some skills in either video production or web site development, get in touch with us!  If you have someone in mind, please direct them to us.  We're on a tight timeline because our position is supposed to start on June 1, so we've got to recruit pretty quickly.

Here are the details:

Start date: June 1 2014

Contract length: 7 weeks at 30 hours per week

Hourly rate: $15

The video specialist will be working on creating several short videos helping to tell the story of our congregation, and the web specialist will be working on building a new website for us as well as evaluating our current web presence and helping us engage our members at a distance.

Applications due May 23 at noon.  Please e-mail a resume, cover letter, and a portfolio of either videos or web sites depending on the position to with the subject line "Web Specialist Application" or "Media Specialist Application."

For more complete job descriptions, e-mail us and we'll send 'em to you!



West Hill United