West Hill is a people, a place, and an idea. We are a community living out a progressive faith, striving to make a positive difference in our own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

Based in Scarborough Ontario, we have supporters as close as our neighbourhood and all over the world.  You belong with us! Connect with us in person, on the web, or here. We look forward to the journey with you.

Our mission:

Moved by a reverence for life to pursue justice for all, we inspire one another to seek truth, live fully, care deeply and make a difference.

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Women's Groups Forming

In syn●the●sis, women gather to celebrate life, 
explore its many beautiful but often ravaged elements 
and weave them together into a whole. 
Creating an atmosphere of intimacy and support, 
syn●the●sis encourages engagement on many levels, 
bringing to the fore the layered depths of our being 
that sometimes take a back seat to the many demands on our time. Here, we can unwind, discover, share, create, consider, 
and become known – 
to ourselves as much as to the others gathered with us.

Getting it all together is a start.
Keeping it together is an art.

syn●the●sis provides a place where wholeness can happen.

To indicate your interest,
please email our Administrator and rank what time works best for you

– morning, afternoon, or evening
We plan to create a group for each time as interest is indicated. 


West Hill Women ROCK!

Women ROCK! at West Hill United!

Saturday April 24th saw the return of our favourite band TRAINWRECK to the West Hill studio stage, and they were better than ever!

The hall was full to capacity with folks from West Hill and the community enjoying our second annual Pub Night. But it was our women who stole the show!

Weekly meetings welcoming musical direction from Stephanie Baptist and choreograpghy from Dawn D'Sa, brought the women to the stage to sing back-up for our live band, and had the crowd on their feet in minutes.

Many thanks to Stephanie Baptist for creating this one of a kind bonding program that was both empowering and joyous in celebration of women, and to Trainwreck for helping shake off the winter blues at West Hill!




A Visit From "The Guardian"

On sunday April  10th, West Hill United welcomed journalist Ashifa Kassam from "the guardian" to our Sunday morning service.

CLICK the title below to visit The Guardian and read the article published on April 24, 2016.

The article begins, 

There is not one mention of God during the 70-minute service at Toronto’s West Hill United church. Bibles are nowhere to be seen. The large steel cross – one of the few remaining religious symbols in this church – is hidden behind a cascade of rainbow streamers.

But that is perhaps to be expected in a church led by an avowed atheist.

“I do not believe in a theistic, supernatural being called God,” says Gretta Vosper, the United Church of Canada minister who has led West Hill since 1997. “I don’t believe in what I think 99.99% of the world thinks you mean when you use that word.” Tor her, God is instead a metaphor for goodness and a life lived with compassion and justice.... - Ashifa Kassam, The Guardian



Here's to Love - a fundraiser for Bangladeshi Asylum Seekers

Working with refugees is one of the principle tasks West Hill has taken on over the past several decades. Sponsoring refugees, sheltering them, teaching ESL, providing food, supporting them through their transitions. We've done it all. But there is still much to do.

On Saturday, May 7th, we're holding a fundraiser to support Bangladeshi asylum seekers, secular humanists who, because they write about the right to freedom from religion, have been threatened with murder. And many have already died. Others have fled the country or live in hiding. A list of those who have left Bangladesh and resettled has been shared internationally by groups taking responsibility for the murders. 

We have to do what we can do. 

Fortunately, we have friends and one of them, Michael George, will be with us on the 7th of May to help us raise those funds. 

Tickets are by donation and available through Eventbrite. You can purchase them here. If you're not able to come, there is a donation option on the page and we'd appreciate your support. The various ticket prices are simply donation amounts you might be interested in offering. We want you with us, no matter what you can pay. But we also hope you'll give until it feels good. 

Here's Michael singing one of his award-winning songs set to images of those who have been lost in this tragic episode of religious extremism. Let's do what we can to help. See you on the 7th. Door open at 7:30; Concert starts at 8. 



Women's groups forming

In syn●the●sis, women gather to celebrate life,
explore its many beautiful but often ravaged elements
and weave them together into a whole.
Creating an atmosphere of intimacy and support,
syn●the●sis encourages engagement on many levels,
bringing to the fore the layered depths of our being
that sometimes take a back seat to the many demands on our time. Here, we can unwind, discover, share, create, consider,
and become known –
to ourselves as much as to the others gat

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Hosts Wanted For Visiting Japonese Students

We are once again looking for hosts to care for our 16 year old girls for 10 nights, from July 19 to 29, 2016. This well established study tour program provides an enjoyable learning and cultural exchange opportunity to all involved. Students practice English weekdays at Wexford Collegiate in Scarborough, and spend the evenings and one weekend with their hosts, who receive financial compensation to offset any expenses. Additional donations will be made to WHU for each participating family.

Please share with friends, neighbours, colleagues and extended family.

For further information and to arrange for an interview, call Ken Bole at 647-244-2067

or email kenbole@rogers.com


Black Lives Matter

A group of UCCers have been working on a statement of solidarity with Black Lives Matter-TO. We're currently gathering names of UCC-affiliated people to add as (individual) signatories. 

Please email UCCanforBLM@gmail.com if you would like your name added to this statement.



 A Statement of Solidarity with BLM-TO from People of The United Church of Canada, 

 April 7, 2016


As people of The United Church of Canada, we are deeply concerned by the unjust and violent treatment of Black people in the city of Toronto, and we stand with Black Lives Matter Toronto Coalition (BLM-TO) in demanding justice and accountability for the victims of racist policing practices.


As Christians, we recognise that we have a unique responsibility to denounce and resist anti-Black racism, because it was our predecessors in faith who first proclaimed that White Christians were morally superior to all others. We lament that Christians in North America have used this idea of White supremacy to lay claim both to Indigenous lands and to Black peoples, who were forced to work the land. We recognise that colonial anti-Black racism is still alive today, taking the forms of racial profiling, police brutality, and overrepresentation in the justice system.


In the face of the ongoing dehumanization and death of Black people in our city and across this continent, our faith calls us to respond. As children of a God who creates all people equal, we affirm the value and sacredness of all Black lives. As followers of Jesus Christ, whose death was an act of state violence, we condemn the violence inflicted on Black people by our police forces and condoned by our elected officials. And as believers in the Spirit of liberation, we are called to join, with hopeful hearts, in the work of justice-making in our world. We have heard the prophetic voices of the occupiers, protesters, and supporters of BLM-TO as they have spoken truth to oppressive power, and commit now to joining in the struggle for racial justice.


To this end, we echo the demands of BLM-TO:

  • That charges be laid against the officer(s) responsible for the deaths of Andrew Loku and Alex Wettlaufer;

  • That the province’s Special Investigations Unit be reviewed and overhauled, in consultation with Black communities and those affected by police violence;

  • That the Toronto Police Service, the City of Toronto, and the Province of Ontario condemn the excessive use of force against BLM-TO protesters; and

  • That the Toronto Police Service fully eliminate the racist practice of carding, delete data previously collected through carding, and enforce disciplinary measures against officers who continue to card.


While we are a diverse group of people from many different communities and congregations throughout The United Church of Canada, we are each striving to find ways in which we can bear faithful witness to the work of BLM-TO within the city of Toronto. We are committed to offering presence, prayers, and spiritual care; to pushing our governments and society to work against racism and value Black lives; and to continuing to live into our vision of being an anti-racist, intercultural church.



Launch of the WHU Men's Group

The West Hill Men’s Group is about to kick-off at the end of April. 

An opportunity for men to examine your own spirituality in a safe, respectful, small-group setting.
Kevin Jackson will offer topics and questions to stimulate discussion about our personal spiritual journeys.
There is no charge for this program, and we would be glad for men in the congregation, or friends from the community to join us. The six week spring sessions will begin Wednesday April 27th and run through to Wednesday July 6th.
We look forward to meeting for a couple of hours every second Wednesday morning in  the West Hill lounge, 10 a.m.- noon.



Mother's Day Basket

“Just for Her” Mothers’ Day Basket

Gift Cards ($50 Visa/$25 Ultimate Dining Card/$25 Cineplex/$15 Tim Hortons

Gift Certificates (Josee’s Hair Salon / Reflexology Session)

Eos Lip Balm/Royal Aloha Natural Products/Body Shop Spa of the World Body Cream, Body Scrub, Massage Oil, Body Massager/Bath & Body Works Hand Soap/Warm Vanilla Body Lotion/Pier 1 Imports Seashell Soaps/Revlon Nail Polish/Emery Board/ Bath Sponge/Kleenex/Hand Towels (2)

Black Pearl Watch/Compact Mirror/Journal & “Bling” Pen/”West Hill” Note Cards/”Bling” Tape Measure, Flashlight, Stapler/Fancy Bottle Opener/Adult Colouring Book

”Crafty Ladies” “Hearts & Flowers” Quilt (3x5),Necklace & Earrings, Crocheted Slippers, Cloth Bag, Hand Towel, Dish Cloth, Scrubbie

Reed Diffuser/Partylite Candle Holder/Scented Candles (2)/ Wax Melts & Melter

Placemats (4)/Vegetarian Cookbook/ Fridge Magnet/ Cocktail Napkins/Organic Tea Leaves & Tea Bag Holder/Lindt Dark Chocolate/Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (2)

Organic Cabernet Sauvignon Wine (Chile) & Bag

Wooden Hat Box with Lid


United Church adopts UN Declaration


 On March 30 and 31 the United Church participated in events marking our commitment to adopt the principles, norms, and standards of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as the framework for reconciliation.  



United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples The General Assembly,


Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and good faith in the fulfilment of the obligations assumed by States in accordance with the Charter,

Affirming that indigenous peoples are equal to all other peoples, while recognizing the right of all peoples to be different, to consider themselves different, and to be respected as such,

Affirming also that all peoples contribute to the diversity and richness of civilizations and cultures, which constitute the common heritage of humankind,...

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