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West Hill is a people, a place, and an idea. We are a community living out a progressive faith, striving to make a positive difference in our own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

Our mission:

Moved by a reverence for life to pursue justice for all, we inspire one another to seek truth, live fully, care deeply and make a difference.

Over the past many months, we've been challenged to engage broadly about who we are and what we see the future of church can be. We'd be delighted to talk with you about it and have extended an invitation to congregations across the country to reach out if they are interested in having a conversation with us. It can be about what this "theologically non-exclusive" church is really like. It might be about the rise of the "Nones" and how we are engaging them. You might want to just talk about the review of our minister. Whatever your interest, we will find a way to engage. So be in touch and let's set a date. 

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Look Who'll be joining West Hill on Sunday May 26th!

Meet David Newland, writer, musician, speaker, and adventurer.
His current project, the one he will share with the West Hill community, is called Northbound: The Northwest Passage in Story and Song, a presentation & performance based on his travels to the Arctic.
In November of 2015, David was named a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a distinction that reflects a lifelong engagement with landscape and story. Born in Ottawa, raised on the shores of Georgian Bay near Parry Sound, David crisscrossed Canada and travelled the world before settling in Cobourg, Ontario.
Awarded a scholarship to Lester B. Pearson United World College at seventeen, David went on to study literature at McGill and graduated with distinction from Concordia University’s Fine Arts program, majoring in photography. He then forged a unique career in the arts and media, combining writing, music, photography, public speaking and web production.
David spends summers travelling with Adventure Canada as a Zodiac driver, performer and host. He travels as a performer and speaker from coast to coast throughout the year. David Newland’s latest album, Give It A Whirl, has been played on CBC and on roots radio shows from coast to coast. A new album, Northbound! based on David’s Arctic adventures is set for release in 2019.
David has been featured in the television programs Canada’s Greatest Ride (for which he also wrote the theme song), and Mighty Cruise Ships and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows.
David Newland is an active supporter of ArtsCan Circle, Lester B. Pearson United World College, Green Wood Coalition, and many other causes. David served on the boards of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Folk Music Ontario, and the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance. David volunteers with the Northumberland Learning Connection programming committee and Supporting Performing Arts in Rural and Remote Communities.

We are excited to welcome David to West Hill on May 26th and hope you will be able to join us!



Six String Nation - Sunday June 9th

What if there was one object that embodied the countless stories of a truly diverse Canada? There is...a guitar named Voyager.
The guitar itself comprises 64 different pieces of material - wood, bone, metal, stone and others - many deployed in multiple places and for multiple functions in the construction. Every piece has a story to tell. 
Meet Jowi Taylor, a Toronto-based radio personality, writer, public speaker and originator of the Six String Nation project. As a radio broadcaster, producer, writer and host, he is best known for CBC Radio's weekly music and news programme, Global Village, which ran from 1997 to 2007.
He also hosted and co-produced the eight-part seriesThe Wire: The Impact of Electricity on Music, and its follow-up six-part series The Nerve: Music and the Human Experience. For his work in radio, he has received a Gabriel Award, two Prix Italia, several New York Festivals Medals and a George Foster Peabody Award, among others.
Jowi travels across Canada and internationally, participating in music and cultural festivals, giving keynote conference addresses, community and school presentations, and making the guitar available to musicians for live performances.
In 2015, he was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal by then Governor General David Johnston, for Six String Nation's contribution to Canadian culture.
We just can't say enough about this presentation; you'll have to take a look!
*Media Interviews 
Mark your calendars for this very special presentation at West Hill United on June 9th!



WHUC Spring Market




We'd love it if you could hang on to the items you'd like to donate for one more week;
we'd be most happy to take them just as soon as we wrap up our  spring pub night.
If it's a bit more urgent to get things out of the house, please bring donations over on Sunday or Tuesday afternoon and the Crafty Ladies will find space room in the craft room.
Huge thanks for your donations!


Autumn Outreach - Head Start

Community Outreach, Autumn 2019
The Outreach Committee does not meet during July & August, but each summer the Committee receives a request from the Family Residence Shelter on Kingston Road to assist the families currently living there by donating school supplies for their children, as they will begin attending local schools in September.   
Members of the Committee plan to shop in August for a variety of supplies for children of all ages starting or returning to school.  The needed supplies include backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles, binders, calculators, geometry sets, pencil cases & pencil sharpeners, erasers, crayons & glue sticks.  During August, Outreach Committee members will be in the church lobby to answer any questions or receive any donations of these supplies, from the congregation.   We will also accept financial donations which will be used to help purchase backpacks & supplies.
Let’s help these children get off to a good start in the new school year!

Women, Let's Dine!

Women, Let’s Dine!

Interested in having some intellectual time with other women in the congregation? Feel the need for a deeper conversation than Sunday coffee allows? Have a desire to get to know other women a little bit better?

For many years, West Hill has had two women’s groups meeting on a regular basis: the Labyrinth walkers who meet in the back parking lot on Tuesday mornings and the Crafty Ladies who gather Tuesday afternoons to work on their crafts together and ultimately raise a ton of money for the church. If you aren’t one of them or quite sure who they are, let me share their secret: they are the women in the congregation who are rich in friendship, connection, well-being, and love. They have fallen in love with being together, the magic elixir for strengthening personal well-being. You can see it on Sundays. They are the people who practically glow.

Not everyone has Tuesdays free, though, and not everyone’s interests turn toward crafts or walking the labyrinth; we know that. And if we could bottle the side effects of their time together, we’d patent it and sell it in the Kiosk! Alas, no tech will brew that sort of potion.

We can do the next best thing, however: provide another opportunity to bring women together during the week to engage around a topic, listen to one another’s stories, or simply come to know one another better. So, we’re starting with a supper gathering on the third Thursday evening of the month before Choir practices. Right now, we’re running with the name, “Women, Let’s Dine!” and our first supper gathering will be May 16th at 5:30 p.m. in the Upper Lounge.

Potlucks are great but they require some coordination, always take time for people to prepare, and often end up with leftovers the group needs to address. With that in mind, we are suggesting you bring your supper with you; if you’ve some to share, you’re welcome to offer it. Don’t stay away if you’ve no time to make something; we’ll manage to fill a plate or two with what we’ve brought individually. We want you to come!

So looking forward to our first meal together in May!


TRAINWRECK - Pub Night April 27th 


TRAINWRECK  is coming back to our stage on Saturday April 27th for our annual Pub Night and we couldn't be more excited!
Grab your friends, bring your dancing shoes and join our indoor street party! 
TRAINWRECK features a talented ensemble of East End Toronto musicians who play pretty much anything to shake the house down... from Elvis (Presley) to Elvis (Costello), from ABBA to ZAPPA. A guaranteed 'wrecking' good time! 

Doors open at 7pm, the band takes the stage at 8pm.

Tickets on sale now. $20

Check out the band HERE


Spring Clean-up

The building and grounds at West Hill will be given our TLC on Saturday June 1st and we'd love for you to join us in the gardens! All hands, hearts, gardening tools and supplies would be greatly appreciated as we get set to tidy, weed and get ready for the coming season.

Donations of plant cuttings, or yard waste bags would be wonderful!

9AM-3PM  Pot luck lunch planned!

Please sign up in the lobby or contact he office if you'd like to lend a hand.



2019 Wayne Crossley Memorial Golf Tournament


 Contact Terry Repol or Mel Crossley



Dream Away Services

Dream Away Service Series
Each year, West Hill's community gathers, along with all churches in the west (Eastern churches recognize other dates), to explore the great themes of death and resurrection. We don't, however, focus on a death and resurrection that took place two millennia ago. Rather, we explore these themes as they are relevant right now in our world, our relationships, and our lives.

In a theologically barrier-free community, there will be those for whom the traditional Easter story has deep meaning and there will be those for whom the story seems anachronistic when viewed from a 21st century perspective. And so it is important to honour the tradition while doing so in language, metaphor, and symbol that can be interpreted by anyone to be meaningful regardless the worldview through which they are experiencing it. That's one of the things that West Hill does and struggles to do with more integrity each year. 

Join us on Sunday April 21st for the second of our Dream Away services as we reach deep into the complexities and challenges that resonate with an ancient story but face us at this moment in time… and seek within them the beauty of possibility and hope.


The Power of Kindness 


We have a special guest coming this Sunday, April 7th!
Dr. Brian Goldman is the author of West Hill's 2019 Book Study,
Why Empathy is essential in Everyday Life"   

We are SO privileged to have him come and share his wisdom and experience with us; please pass this along and invite your friends who enjoy hearing him on CBC's 'White Coat, Black Art'!

Brian Goldman, MD, is a highly regarded emergency physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  He is also the host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s award-winning radio show “White Coat, Black Art”, where he takes listeners behind the scenes of hospitals and doctor’s offices. 

His TEDtalk – “Doctors Make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?” has been watched by close to a million viewers, and has been featured in The Huffington Post and NPRs TED Radio Hour.

He is the author of the bestselling book The Night Shift:  Real Life in the ER, which takes readers through giddying heights and crashing lows as Goldman works through a typical night shift in one of Canada’s busiest ERs.  He is also the author of  The Secret Language of Doctors – published by Harper Collins in 2014 – which takes a biting look at medical slang.

In his latest book, The Power of Kindness, Goldman leaves the comfortable, familiar surroundings of the hospital in search of his own lost compassion.