West Hill is a people, a place, and an idea. We are a community living out a progressive faith, striving to make a positive difference in our own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

Based in Scarborough Ontario, we have supporters as close as our neighbourhood and all over the world.  You belong with us! Connect with us in person, on the web, or here. We look forward to the journey with you.

Our mission:

Moved by a reverence for life to pursue justice for all, we inspire one another to seek truth, live fully, care deeply and make a difference.

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BOOM! With our very own Rick Miller

If you haven't seen BOOM!, the trip to Mississauga is a must. The show, a whirlwind tour through the boomer years, presented in Rick Miller's inimitable style, is being staged at Mississauga's Living Arts Centre on September 16th, its only scheduled appearance in the GTA for the coming year. It's an "explosive solo performance that documents the music, culture and politics that shaped the Baby Boom generation (1945-1969). BOOM takes us through 25 turbulent years, and gives voice to over 100 influential politicians, activists and musicians. It's a mind-blowing experience for audiences of all generations."

Don't wait to get your tickets. We can work out the carpool later!

See more at: BOOM! 



Communion Sunday and Welcome to New Members

Earlier this spring, we opened our arms and welcomed people into our extraordinary space and the inspirational community that enlivens it. In fact, we do that every Sunday.
On October 2nd, we will celebrate once again with a special communion service that will offer a pledge to be present to everyone who, on that special day, chooses to become a member of our congregation and, through it, of The United Church of Canada.
While we, as a community, make that pledge to the individuals choosing to make West Hill their church home, they, too, make a pledge to us. In so doing, they are making it known that the principles by which West Hill guides itself are those they wish to use to guide their own lives. And they commit to helping us do that as a community.


In his ground-breaking book, The Exceptional 7 Percent: Nine Secrets of the World’s Happiest Couples, Gary Popcak presents his analysis of the most successful marriages. Noting that when each partner can identify what he or she wants to be when she or he dies, in other words, the most important ideals or goals in that person’s life, Popcak argues that the best marriages are those in which the partners commit to helping one another meet those goals. And that’s what we’re doing when we embrace new members; we’re committing to help them as they become the people they want to be and they are committing to help us become the church we want to be. It is a beautiful moment in time and one to celebrate. 

If you would like to join West Hill on Communion Sunday, October 2nd, please let gretta know by emailing or phoning the office.


Chicken and Chocolates - October 22nd

Mark your calendars for an evening that will cater to the senses. On Saturday October 22, the Crafty Ladies and the Friends of Gretta Vosper are joining forces to present a special dining experience followed by an Alan Ely concert of song and stories.

The evening will start with appetizers followed by a homemade dinner of savoury chicken or vegetarian stews with all the trimmings. Complementing the main course you’ll have wine, dessert and coffee. If you attended the last dinner prepared by the Crafty Ladies and Friends you know you are in for a wonderful time – great food and warm company.


Following this sumptuous dining experience you can join us upstairs for an evening of song. Alan Ely, a longtime friend of West Hill will present ‘A Box of Chocolates.’ When asked about the concert Alan referenced what Forest Gump’s mama told him “A box of chocolates is rather like life...you never know what you're gonna get.” You'll hear some country and some soft rock, some jazz and some pop, some chart toppers, some Oscar winners and some Grammies, some Broadway and some Silver Screen...you just never know! It's just Alan, a stool, maybe a mike, maybe a music stand, some songs and some stories.

Please set this date aside and treat yourself to a special evening. Even better, bring a few friends along to share the enjoyment. Tickets will go on sale in September.


West Hill Men's Spirituality Group

The West Hill Men’s Group is looking forward to their first fall meeting on Wednesday, September 7th. 

An opportunity for men to examine your own spirituality in a safe, respectful, small-group setting.
Facilitator Kevin Jackson will offer topics and questions to stimulate discussion about our personal spiritual journeys.
There is no charge for this program, and we would be glad for men in the congregation, or friends from the community to join us.
We look forward to meeting for a couple of hours every second Wednesday morning in  the West Hill lounge, 10 a.m.- noon.




Women's groups forming this fall.

In syn●the●sis, women gather to celebrate life, explore its many beautiful but often ravaged elements and weave them together into a whole. Creating an atmosphere of intimacy and support, syn●the●sis encourages engagement on many levels, bringing to the fore the layered depths of our being that sometimes take a back seat to the many demands on our time.

Here, we can unwind, discover, share, create, consider, and become known – to ourselves as much as to the others gathered with us.

Getting it all together is a start. 
Keeping it together is an art. 
syn●the●sis provides a place where wholeness can happen.

Please hold time to join us this fall. Our six week introductory program will run Friday mornings from 10 a.m.-noon, beginning October 28th and running through December 2nd.


Pride Toronto - July 3rd Parade

Sunday July 3, 2106
The 2016 Pride Parade starts at 2 P.M. at Church and Bloor, travels west on Bloor to Yonge, then south on Yonge to Dundas.  
Metropolitan United Church, with support from other congregations, is coordinating a United Church walking group for this year’s Toronto Pride parade, under the banner of Radical Love, Walking Proud, see the photo below. We will also have a general banner that says, The United Church of Canada, at the front of the group.  Bring your congregation banner as long as you want to carry it.  We hope to have some folks who will also want to carry our United Church and Radical Love banners -- it's great to spell off half way.  
Our marching permit # is G62, titled AFFIRM-UNITED-INTERFAITH and our check in time is 2:15 at Ted Rogers Way (Jarvis) and Bloor.   We will gather on the south-east corner and we will try to hang the United Church banner up so it can be a visible gathering spot. Please be aware that although our group has been given the 2:15 time to check in, we don't know the actual time that we will be queued into the parade. Come prepared to wait. In the past it has been an hour or two (or more) before we are able to join. It depends on how many other groups are registered and where we are in the line up.  If you have not already let us know you are planning to join, please let Susie Henderson or John Joseph Mastandrea know. 

Once the parade begins the walkers are behind the barricades so you cannot join the group from the sidelines.  Nor is it easy to leave.  So please consider the challenges. Pride Toronto provides accessibility shaded/seating areas available for people to watch the parade on a first-come first serve basis.  See the Pride website for more information. 
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#UCCan is the hashtag to share with the wider United Church 
#PrideTO is the hashtag for Pride Toronto
#Pride2016 is a global Pride hashtag

Interfaith Pride 
Toronto Conference 
Affirm United Group 

West Hill's Submission re: Gretta's Review by Toronto Conference

West Hill was permitted by Toronto Conference to make a submission in support of Gretta, in advance of the review that took place on June 29, 2016.  The document below is that submission (view PDF here), which was provided to the Executive Committee and the Interviewers on June 17, 2016.  Unfortunately, Toronto Conference did not permit our representative to speak to the issues during Gretta's review on June 29th.


Submission to Toronto Conference Interview Panel and Executive Committee

Re: Rev. Gretta Vosper

From West Hill United Church


Dear Committee Members and Rev. David Allan, Executive Secretary, Toronto Conference:

We welcome this opportunity to present our unyielding support for Rev. Gretta Vosper by offering our perspective on the review and our relationship with Gretta, providing some clarification around West Hill and our evolving theology, and responding to challenges that have been voiced about our place within the United Church of Canada.

In 1997 Scarborough Southeast Presbytery, the congregation of West Hill, and Gretta Vosper entered into a covenant.  The members of West Hill have taken a very active role in enriching and supporting this covenant. In 2004 we created a document we call VisionWorks that articulates our shared values and reflects what we hold to be of utmost significance in our community life. It calls us to examine ourselves in light of these values as we set priorities and make decisions, both individually and as a community.  This document was created by members of our congregation and was affirmed by our Presbytery at its 2005 oversight meeting.  Our covenant remains strong and has not been broken.  In living out that covenant, Gretta meets and exceeds our standards of effectiveness.

Effectiveness is measured by outcomes and we are the ones best suited to measure those because we are the ones to set the goals and objectives for our congregation – and yet we have never been approached regarding our vision, our strategies, our objectives or the effectiveness of our minister. 

Almost throughout our 66-year history, West Hill United Church has been on the forefront of progressive theology, many of our congregants have grown in knowledge of biblical critique as a result of yearly book studies of works by John Shelby Spong, Bart Ehrman, John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, Tom Harpur, Elaine Pagels, and Riane Eisler, for example. And, like Gretta, many of us are products of the United Church’s New Curriculum.  When Gretta was called to West Hill, the Search Committee conscientiously sought candidates that were progressive in their theology and selected Gretta as we recognized in her the leadership qualities we sought to help us push the envelope of what church could mean in the coming years. 

She has done that both through her own development as a minister and also by being emboldened by this very congregation to align our values, language, and Sunday services to better reflect contemporary progressive understandings and a focus on non-exclusive gatherings. It is vital to understand that this was not done in isolation by Gretta but in conjunction and coordination with the congregation and the Board of West Hill.  Gretta has never acted unilaterally in any of these decisions but sought the advice or consent of the Board.  West Hill and Gretta were – and are – inextricably galvanized in this work.

We believe it is essential to recognize that when the congregation called Gretta we embraced her progressive value-centred views because they aligned with how the congregation itself viewed and embraced the concept of god.  When she began using the label atheist rather than non-theist, in solidarity with Bangladeshi bloggers who were being murdered for their secular perspectives, the congregation again supported her and indeed, there are many here who would align themselves with the fundamental issues at hand.

Like the LGBTQ community taking back language that was once used to hurt, Gretta and others have reclaimed the word “atheist” in the same manner, to destigmatize the concept and to remove its power to harm. For these reasons, the congregation supports Gretta.

Our congregation itself is formed with roots in the Judaeo-Christian tradition and we embrace theists, agnostics and atheists.  Many here would agree with the 24% of the ministers responding to a 2011 United Church Observer survey who indicated their belief in god was wholly dependent on how god was defined.  That is to say, we are a congregation diverse in our beliefs yet embracing the groundedness, guidance, and growth experienced through living in right relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet.  This is manifested through Gretta’s ministry, our own connection with each other, and by our focus on non-exclusive services.  We are brought together by a desire to belong to a community of shared values that seeks to make a difference in the world, rather than through beliefs that divide.  West Hill is a vibrant and growing church, celebrating the joys and triumphs of our community on Sunday morning and sharing our burdens in times of need. 

Finally, many have voiced concern about why Gretta and by association, our congregation, wish to remain within the United Church.  We want to respond to this as a congregation.  There are several reasons.  The first is that many of us have very deep roots in the United Church of Canada, some of us for more than 70 years.  It is our home.  We believe in its ability to change the world for the better through its focus on social justice and its attention to issues relevant to Canada and the world.  Others within our community have come to the United Church later and have embraced its values and focus on justice and have described the feeling as coming home.

We also recognize the UCC as a church of firsts; first church to ordain women, then married women, the first to have a woman moderator, the first to welcome LGBTQ folk as clergy, the first to recognize the tremendous harm done to indigenous peoples of Canada.  We are proud to belong to a church that lifts up peace, seeks justice for the marginalized, supports equity, has a process of supporting sanctuary to those refugees who can only turn to churches as a last resort, and that walks in solidarity with other organizations seeking these same goals.  At West Hill, we lift up these values as well and our outreach is focused on many of these same concerns.  These include our First Nation’s Study Group which, among many other projects, worked tirelessly to bring the gap in funding and the living conditions of indigenous people to the attention of local representatives of the previous federal government.  Our outreach also includes voting unanimously in 2009 to become an Affirming Ministry, support for a Bangladeshi refugee family, provision of sanctuary to those who have nowhere else to turn, local community outreach and support for the M&S fund of the UCC.

We also believe strongly that the United Church of Canada is a big tent, big, bold, and strong enough to embrace those whose beliefs are on the margin of both conservative and liberal or progressive values.  We have not heard of congregations or ministers being reviewed when their beliefs adhere to more evangelical, literal, and dogmatic systems, yet there is ample room in the UCC for those groups.  By the same token, West Hill United and Gretta have always had a place within the fold, and should continue to do so.

We have been assured by presbytery and conference that if Gretta should be placed on the Discontinued Service List, the West Hill congregation will remain.  Yet Gretta is a doorway to many who are averse to church for a number of reasons, not the least of which is compliance to doctrines that can be restrictive to those who are looking for an ethical , values based approach to living in right relationship with themselves, each other, and the planet. The congregation of West Hill and Gretta Vosper are walking along the same path bound together by the values of love, compassion, integrity and a quest for justice.  These of course are the deepest values of Christians as well as others seeking to live a life of right relationship.

Respectfully, if you have concerns about Gretta, then you have questions with us as congregation members. Because we view the United Church as our home, this feels very much like family members marginalizing and dismissing us.  It is both hurtful and harmful and, given our covenant with Gretta, sets a dangerous precedent. We raise this issue not as a way to create leverage. Rather, we believe it is crucial that we identify this hurt and allow it into this space in order to name and legitimize our deep sense of betrayal in the way this process has been undertaken and carried out. We further believe it is important for you to be aware of this hurt and help carry the burden as something that the Conference has created and must mitigate.

Thank you again for the opportunity to give voice to our perspective and highlight our concerns about the review.  The congregation of West Hill United Church has crafted this document mindfully, with openness and care, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to the process and its outcomes.  It is our most sincere hope that we can walk together in this openness and that the committee will find much here that they recognize within their own ministry and perspective.

For your reference, we have enclosed copy of our mission statement, our values and beliefs as outlined in our VisionWorks statement, and the prayer that espouses the values we try to live by, every day: “As I Live”.



Randy Bowes
West Hill United Church Board Chair




West Hill's Voice In the Review of Reverend Gretta Vosper

Toronto Conference to Review 

Gretta Vosper On June 29th

Please support our request for West Hill to have a voice during this process.

The review process for Gretta will begin next Wednesday, June 29th, and we feel that West Hill United should have a voice during the proceedings. We are asking to have our Board Chair, Randy Bowes, present during the interview process and allowed time to voice our support for Gretta as an effective Minister of the United Church of Canada.

In an effort to see that happen, we have created a petition for our West Hill community to sign, which will be presented early next week, asking that Randy have both a seat and a voice during the interview process.
Please take a moment to read the petition and stop by the church on Sunday or Monday to add your name and support.
For those who will not be able to pen their name at WHUC,  we have posted the petition on-line for you to read and endorse.
We ask that if you use the on-line petition, please take an extra moment to add your name in the comment section as the portal only records email addresses and we feel the petition will be stronger with your name attached.

Our petition Reads:

We, the undersigned, having submitted our concerns regarding Toronto Conference's review of our minister, the Reverend Gretta Vosper, in which we explicitly noted the lack of deference given the covenantal relationship we have with her and Toronto Southeast Presbytery; we hereby further submit that we be provided the right to attend and to speak at the review planned for June 29, 2016. It is our understanding that the review committee is comprised of twenty-four members with four presenting questions. We submit that the Chair of our Board, Randy Bowes, be present at the review and that he be provided the right to speak. This is in keeping with the policies regarding the review of ministry personnel as found in the Pastoral Charge and Ministry Personnel Reviews procedures.


South East Scarborough Pow Wow Invitation



Teach-In by the Peoples Climate Plan

"This is a once in a generation opportunity. If we all stand together, we can push the government towards a bold climate strategy that’s justice-based, respects the UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples, aligns with climate science, and commits Canada to a 100% renewable energy economy."

Join the People’s Climate Plan (a broad-based collective of climate justice groups) at this teach-in to build strong community pressure for a meaningful and just national climate plan. 

Saturday June 4, 9:30-3:30 Sidney Smith Hall, University of Toronto

Plenary discussion featuring Myeengun Henry (Chippewas of the Thames FN), with Avi Lewis (Leap Manifesto), and others to be announced, followed by three workshops- each on a key pillar of the People's Climate Plan.
The teach-in will enable participants to access reliable, relevant information on key climate issues, as well as to pose questions, express doubts, and exchange views as we aim to advance three pillars for effective, grassroots action:

• A national climate plan that aligns with the science of climate change and ensures Canada meets its commitments to a 1.5°C world by keeping its fossil fuels reserves in the ground.
• A national plan that builds a 100% renewable energy economy by 2050, creating over a million clean, safe and rewarding jobs.
• A national plan that enshrines justice & reconciliation for Indigenous peoples, ensures no worker is left behind in the transition to a clean energy economy, and takes leadership from those hit hardest by the climate crisis.

A separate workshop will take up each of these themes. All workshops will be repeated three times, so participants can take part in each of them.

9:30 Opening and welcome 
10:00 Plenary panel discussion
12:00 Lunch break ( lunch provided)
12:30 First set of workshops
1:30 Second set of workshops
2:30 Third set of workshops
3:30 Adjournment

   Watch the Vidoe HERE

For more information on the People's Climate Plan, visit: http://peoplesclimate.ca/