May 5, 2013 - Interview an Atheist at Church?

For several years, the first Sunday in May has been focused on our pluralistic world, an opportunity to bring members and leaders of other faiths into the pulpits of our liberal congregations.  Well, Kile Jones of Claremont University came up with a "one better" idea and, with a strategic post here and a follow-up there, he's managed to kick off the first ever Interview an Atheist at Church Sunday.  We signed up to participate and this Perspective(s) was the result.  

Gretta and Catherine Dunphy, Executive Director of The Clergy Project, were interviewed as atheists. Arguing for the intelligently designed path forward, Gretta acknowledged that describing herself as an atheist may be a controversial and divisive choice but notes that doing so may make the distance between the religious and atheists even narrower.

Listen to the podcast or watch below: 

May 5, 2013 podcast

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