Six String Nation - Sunday June 9th

What if there was one object that embodied the countless stories of a truly diverse Canada? There is...a guitar named Voyager.

The guitar itself comprises 64 different pieces of material - wood, bone, metal, stone and others - many deployed in multiple places and for multiple functions in the construction. Every piece has a story to tell. 

Meet Jowi Taylor, a Toronto-based radio personality, writer, public speaker and originator of the Six String Nation project. 

As a radio broadcaster, producer, writer and host, he is best known for CBC Radio's weekly music and news programme, Global Village, which ran from 1997 to 2007.

He also hosted and co-produced the eight-part seriesThe Wire: The Impact of Electricity on Music, and its follow-up six-part series The Nerve: Music and the Human Experience. For his work in radio, he has received a Gabriel Award, two Prix Italia, several New York Festivals Medals and a George Foster Peabody Award, among others.

Jowi travels across Canada and internationally, participating in music and cultural festivals, giving keynote conference addresses, community and school presentations, and making the guitar available to musicians for live performances.

In 2015, he was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal by then Governor General David Johnston, for Six String Nation's contribution to Canadian culture.

We just can't say enough about this presentation; you'll have to take a look!


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Mark your calendars for this very special presentation at West Hill United on June 9th!

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