"Sawbonna!" On July 9th West Hill Welcomes Margot Van Sluytman


A Zulu greeting meaning “I see you.”

On Sunday July 9th our guest speaker will be Margot Van Sluytman.

"Margot is a highly respected and sought after speaker, advisor, social justice advocate. She teaches, entertains, and inspires audiences about how to be liberated from fear, anger, resentment, and hatred. Her remarkable story of both restoring and re-storying her life after her father’s murder, includes meeting the man who committed that crime. Margot knows about confrontation.

She knows about confronting.

She knows about resiliency.

Margot practices Sawbonna, an approach to life that focuses on witnessing or seeing someone’s humanity and spirit. She actively expresses and shares her own inner self with others. In her workshops and speaking engagements, she teaches what Sawbonna is, and how to use this practice to be released from all forms of victimhood." - Sawbonna. wordpress.com

We invite you to listen to Margot as she sat down with Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC Radio's The Current. Margot's story has been included in The Forgiveness Project and you can follow her blog "Sawbonna, Sibling of Restorative justice".

Please mark you calendars and plan to attend this very special presentation.


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