West Hill's Voice In the Review of Reverend Gretta Vosper

Toronto Conference to Review 

Gretta Vosper On June 29th

Please support our request for West Hill to have a voice during this process.

The review process for Gretta will begin next Wednesday, June 29th, and we feel that West Hill United should have a voice during the proceedings. We are asking to have our Board Chair, Randy Bowes, present during the interview process and allowed time to voice our support for Gretta as an effective Minister of the United Church of Canada.

In an effort to see that happen, we have created a petition for our West Hill community to sign, which will be presented early next week, asking that Randy have both a seat and a voice during the interview process.
Please take a moment to read the petition and stop by the church on Sunday or Monday to add your name and support.
For those who will not be able to pen their name at WHUC,  we have posted the petition on-line for you to read and endorse.
We ask that if you use the on-line petition, please take an extra moment to add your name in the comment section as the portal only records email addresses and we feel the petition will be stronger with your name attached.

Our petition Reads:

We, the undersigned, having submitted our concerns regarding Toronto Conference's review of our minister, the Reverend Gretta Vosper, in which we explicitly noted the lack of deference given the covenantal relationship we have with her and Toronto Southeast Presbytery; we hereby further submit that we be provided the right to attend and to speak at the review planned for June 29, 2016. It is our understanding that the review committee is comprised of twenty-four members with four presenting questions. We submit that the Chair of our Board, Randy Bowes, be present at the review and that he be provided the right to speak. This is in keeping with the policies regarding the review of ministry personnel as found in the Pastoral Charge and Ministry Personnel Reviews procedures.

West Hill United