Women's Groups Forming

In syn●the●sis, women gather to celebrate life, 
explore its many beautiful but often ravaged elements 
and weave them together into a whole. 
Creating an atmosphere of intimacy and support, 
syn●the●sis encourages engagement on many levels, 
bringing to the fore the layered depths of our being 
that sometimes take a back seat to the many demands on our time. Here, we can unwind, discover, share, create, consider, 
and become known – 
to ourselves as much as to the others gathered with us.

Getting it all together is a start.
Keeping it together is an art.

syn●the●sis provides a place where wholeness can happen.

To indicate your interest,
please email our Administrator and rank what time works best for you

– morning, afternoon, or evening
We plan to create a group for each time as interest is indicated. 

West Hill United