Call Out for a Just Inquiry


Call Out for a Just Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

The Federal Government of Canada, under the jurisdiction of the Honorable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, has finally agreed to conduct a National Inquiry into the crisis of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.  We affirm that this Government has committed to this important work.  At the same time Indigenous peoples and allies want to ensure that not only stories are told but also that justice is done.

We call on concerned citizens to contact the Hon. Bennett’s office to ensure that:

· The inquiry addresses the root causes of the vulnerability of so many Indigenous women, including systemic racism in the police force and the RCMP

· The inquiry provides the families and communities of murdered and missing Indigenous women an opportunity to tell their stories with all the time required to do so in a respectful and culturally sensitive way

· That counselling and/or support be provided in a culturally sensitive way to families and their loved ones recounting these stories

· That Aboriginal women and families of murdered and missing women have control over the design, process, and method of conducting this inquiry

· That a human rights and justice model of inquiry is utilized that ensures both the stories of the victims are told but also shines a light on who the perpetrators are

· That a human rights and justice model of inquiry is utilized such that institutional racism where it exists will be revealed and dealt with

· That the minister and the inquiry carefully consider the 22 Recommendations of the Native Women’s Association of Canada group, released on Feb. 17, 2016.*

Please copy these important points, or write your own letter, and send an email to or call the Honorable Carolyn Bennett’s office:

Toronto: 416-952-3990                                   Ottawa: 613-995-9666


Indigenous Affairs (Conservative) (NDP)

*The 22 recommendations of the NWAC symposium can be found at

To participate in the online survey about the inquiry you can also link to:

West Hill United