Life After God Podcast

Many of you know that Gretta is part of the leadership team of Life After God, an online portal founded by Ryan Bell of the Year Without God who, throughout that year, moved away from his Seventh Day Adventist belief system to a secular worldview. Life After God provides support for people in the middle of the transition from belief to non-belief.

Ryan interviews leaders in the secular world and those on the bleeding edge of faith, like Gretta. The podcast that launched the Life After God initiative was a conversation with her

This week, when the news broke that West Hill had affiliated with the Oasis Network, Ryan connected with Gretta again for another conversation. In fact, Ryan wasn't the only one. Gretta received many supportive emails and responses from those in the secular world who are searching for affirmation and inclusion. Joe Hegyi 3rd, writer of the blog Normalize Unbelief, responded with a poignant blog

Bart Ehrman, Life After God Podcast

Ryan was set up for his conversation with Bart Ehrman when he contacted Gretta so her interview is at the beginning of that podcast. Ehrman is the author of A Brief Introduction to the New Testament which many West Hill members studied under the leadership of Janice Meighan so you will want to listen to the whole thing! You'll also hear Helen Stringer, one of the Oasis Network's founders reflecting on what it means to have West Hill part of the Oasis Network.

Here is the link to the podcast: Jesus before the Gospels: A Conversation with Bart Ehrman. Ryan's conversations are always engaging so don't hesitate to subscribe to his weekly updates.