Women ROCK! You know they do!

If you're a woman, this means you....
If you're a man, this means you, too ....
Sunday is our Women Rock service, an opportunity to pay tribute to all those women who have and continue to influence our lives. We'll hear inspirational readings and share our own personal reflections. It will be an open mike kind of service that will be a powerful as the stories we share so please give some thought to whomever you would like to remember or pay tribute. It may be an historical or contemporary woman, someone you know or someone you just know about. All stories are welcome. 
Babette is inviting women to join her at 9:45 to learn the refrain of a song she will be presenting in the service. She'll need a strong chorus to support her so plan to join her for the practice. You're going to want to sing this in the service, anyway, so a little practice is a great idea!
We're also hosting two beautiful women from the wider community who will be sharing the music of Canada's first people with us. Twenty-six of us were with them yesterday and we are delighted to welcome them to Women Rock. The powerful songs that have inspired womenwithin the native community will move and inspire you. 
Sunday. It's a whole new thing.



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