Welcome Back Agah Bahari

Join Us This Sunday Morning as West Hill Welcomes
Guest Speaker Agah Bahari 
 Agah will be talking about the philosophy he developed,
 “AGOLOGY: Open-Source Philosophy”.
Over the next couple of weeks he will go through a level.
This week "Human First".

Meet Agah Bahari:

”Born during the Iran-Iraq war, Agah grew up in Tehran-Iran where he co-founded and performed with Iran's first official heavy metal band as the composer and electric guitar player. His music and cultural activities were later deemed "un-Islamic" by the government of Iran, accusing him of "westernizing the revolution's youth", the crime that ultimately made Agah to flee with a fabricated passport from Iran, through United Arab Emirates and to Malaysia, where he was human trafficked, using the second fabricated passport, through Hong Kong, China, and ultimately to Canada were he claimed a refugee status in 2006. 

Today, Agah is a Canadian citizen and an American Green Card holder. He is an internationally recognized musician, a voting member for the Grammy Awards since 2012, and a former voting member and a judge for the Juno Awards. Beyond music, Agah has finished co-writing a novel based on the true events of his life, is a co-organizer of Toronto Transhumanists Society, he is a prolific sound designer with internationally recognized clients including American Express, Virgin, and Samsung, the host and the producer of the podcast, "NEOHUMAN with Agah Bahari" with more than 100,000 downloads worldwide, a creative tech-entrepreneur and an alumni of the elite Silicon Valley based business accelerator, Founder Institute, and the founder of the open-source philosophy, AGOLOGY.

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