Creating Conversations on Social Media

As you are aware, Gretta's ministry is being reviewed by The United Church of Canada (UCC) under a process designed by the General Secretary of the United Church upon the request of Toronto Conference. It is the first time in the history of the UCC that an ordained minister has come under investigation for his or her beliefs. The United Church, which was forged in dialogue and has always found its way forward through conversation, exploration, and learning from the other, has refused to engage in conversation about our ministry and Gretta's ministry, except through a disciplinary procedure. 

West Hill's Streamers prepare for our Affirming AnniversaryWe think this is wrong. We think conversation is essential. 

So, we're hoping you can help us get it going with or without the hierarchy of the church!

Whether you are on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or some other social media channel, please feel free to start the conversation. You are welcome to share our or Gretta's posts on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join Gretta's group "A Poetic Humanism" on LinkedIn, or share some of the quotes she has posted on Pinterest. There is lots of material out there; we just need you to start a conversation with it!

To keep your conversations up to date with ours and Gretta's engaging and sometimes controversial content, send an email to us letting us know you would like to be on one or both email lists. (In keeping with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, please include in your email the permission for us to send you commercial messages in the future. Not that we are expecting to, but ... )

Thank you so much for engaging.  Here are some Social Media sites you might like to follow or like as well as Gretta's website address.

West Hill United on Facebook
West Hill United on Twitter
Gretta on Facebook
Gretta on Twitter 
A Poetic Humanism on LinkedIn
Gretta's favourite quote slides on Pinterest 
Gretta's website 

Conversation is so important. Thank you for drawing your chair up to the table and creating a safe space for others to do so as well. 

For other ways to be involved, please see these pages ...