West Hill Welcomes Ken Bole

Join us for the Sunday service, August 16th as West Hill United welcomes guest speaker Ken Bole, on the theme 
Lessons Learned from Nigeria.
Ken has been an ESL teacher for most of his adult life, teaching in Canada, Nigeria and Japan. He currently teaches English part-time at Centennial College here in Scarborough, and every summer since 1993 has brought high school students from Japan to study English and learn about Canada. He is married to a Japanese woman, Naoko, and has two sons aged 23 and 25. Ken’s hobbies include reading, photography and podcasting; he has put out more than 500 one hour personal journal episodes over the past ten years. He is also very interested in mediation, counselling and personal growth, and still feels he has a long way to travel on this life journey of self-discovery.