Positivity Meditation

Positivity meditation guru, Barbara Frederickson, has spent years researching the effects of brief, compassion and positivity focused meditation on personal well-being. The results she shares in her book, Positivity, should have all of us spending a few minutes each day developing this practice.

Frederickson's research shows that over time, small, manageable doses of positivity meditation increase our experience of positive emotions. These positive emotions add their own benefits, expanding the personal resource base from which our well-being is nurtured. We are more aware of our responses to immediate situations, develop a deeper understanding of purpose in our lives, reach out and strengthen our social ties, and even reduce the symptoms of illness. And the loop of benefits doesn't stop there. Increments in personal resources predicted increased life satisfaction and reduced depressive symptoms. We reach what Frederickson identifies as a tipping point and begin to flourish instead of just existing.

Every Sunday morning, beginning at 9:50, a space for quiet meditation is provided in the small lounge on the south side of the Gathering Hall. There, a guided meditation from Barbara Fredericson's Love 2.0 site is played for those who wish to centre themselves more intentionally before our gathering time. If you'd like to experience Barbara's meditations at home (these are the same ones we use on Sunday mornings), you can find them on her Positivity Resonance website.


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