Despite our small size, we're a congregation with chutzpah! So, because we've known for a long, long time that there are many people on the west side of the city who are interested in what we offer here on the east side, we're packing up the team and heading on over!  

Many of our visitors over the years, have come from the west side of the city - Oakville, Mississauga, Parkdale, Hamilton. Rather than continue to disappoint them, we're starting a satellite community in Mississauga beginning October 19th. It will be an opportunity  to create a place that can nurture those interested in church who may not be interested in church doctrine. 

Every third Sunday of the month, Gretta and Scott will drive over to Mississauga where we have rented space in the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre. There, in the Forest Glen East Room between 4:30 and 7:30. There we will provide an opportunity for folks to gather for the same kind of community we've created here at West Hill.  Theologically barrier-free, the emphasis will be on bringing diverse perspectives together and creating space in which they can engage with a view to learning more about one another and developing deep and lasting relationships. We hope to draw not only from those we have on record has having come from visit us at West Hill, but people who have never yet heard of a church without reference to Jesus or God before but who are searching for a community that can support them in the challenges of living a life of goodness.  After all, its what we do best. 

Already, talented individuals not currently engaged in the life of the congregation in West Hill have made it known that they are very interested in being part of the leadership of the satellite community. And we're excited about working with them! They have great ideas which, combined with those that emerge from the people who gather, will create a community that will have the same underlying precepts as West Hill but its own culture and flavour.  And we think that's pretty exciting!

As the new community develops there will be many ways that you can become involved. The Elements Committee has taken responsibility for packing a refreshments basket for the first gathering and we're delighted that they are pitching in!  Anything you'd like to do?  Speak with Gretta, Scott, Babette, or Karen and we'll make sure you are included.

We're feeling pretty good about sharing what West Hill is all about. You make us what we are! 

Third Sunday of the Month,
Forest Glen East Room
Burnhamthorpe Community Centre
1500 Gulleden Drive, 
Mississauga L4X 2T9