The Longest Night

We had two amazing Longest Night services this year!

West West Hill

The first was in Mississauga where West West Hill is beginning to draw together an amazing group of inspiring people. They gathered in the beauty of Applewood United's library and created their own beauty as the evening went on. A special thank you goes out to Scott and Babette for taking the leadership of this memorable event. 


West Hill, West Hill

Our second Longest Night service was held in our own building. Music, readings, and candles, were the tools through which participants reflected on the challenges faced by so many at this and every time of the year and provided opportunity for new commitments to be made. Over one hundred and ten people lit their tapers at the end of the service and, wearing their candlewick bracelets, raised the light in the world by igniting their hearts with love. It was a beautiful event. 

We are grateful to Scott and Babette for taking the leadership of both Longest Night events and for those who helped them with the set-up, readings, and candle lighting. As one of our signature services, it couldn't have been more beautifully offered.