Darlene Necan and the cry for a better Ontario

On November 9th, Darlene Necan captivated the crowd at West Hill that had gathered to share sandwiches and hear her story. On December 1st, that story went national with coveragy by Reg Sherren of CBC's The National. You can read his moving contribution to her unfolding story here, Reg Sherren Encounters Homelessness and Hunger.

It is essential that we make Darlene's case one that draws the attention of Ontario's provincial government in an effort to have the fines orders placed on her as the result of her building a home on her ancestral land removed. Here are some ways you can do that, drawn up by Steve Watson, one of the principal movers and shakers in West Hill's First Nations' Study Group. If you watched the news segment, you will have seen him speak passionately about Darlene and her situation.

Please call, write, or email the Premier's office and the offices of he Ministry of Natural Resources.  The telephone numbers, email addresses and electronic links to Premier Wynne’s office are below. Telephone calls would be best. Emails, second best. There’s also a feature at the Premier’s website where people can send her a personal message. It’s called CONTACT KATHLEEN. We should have hundreds of people lined up to do just that. Steve drafted a message to save you some time. It could look something like this:

“I saw the story on CBC National on Darlene Necan and was shocked to learn this Ojibway woman at Savant Lake has been served a fine by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources only because she built herself a little cabin where her ancestors lived for thousands of years. She was unable to find any alternative housing. It would be far better for the Ministry to give her a permit and stay or withdraw the charges. The Minister could adopt a policy where no further such fines will be issued against homeless indigenous people who build a home on Crown Land until action is taken to end the homeless crisis affecting both on and off reserve indigenous peoples. I would greatly appreciate your personal attention to this matter.”
Here are some telephone numbers people can call, some email addresses and an electronic link to her website where people can leave a message at CONTACT KATHLEEN.
Hon Kathleen O. Wynne
Don Valley West
Queen's Park 
Room 281, Main Legislative Building, Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1
Suite 101
795 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario M4G 4E4