Those were the days... a concert with Alan Ely and the Voices of Showtime!

We're delighted to be welcoming Alan Ely and the Voices of Showtime this weekend, Sunday, November 23rd, for a concert here at West Hill.  We enjoyed their Juke Box Saturday Night concert so much in the Spring that we asked them to come back to do a second concert with a new line-up.  They've added music from the '40s and are calling it "Some of the Greatest Songs of the War Years and Beyond," the music playing on the radios during World War II and as those soldiers came home, settled back in, and raised families.

The concert begins at 7:30 p.m., but come early for good seats!  Tickets are $20 and you can get one ahead of time this week in the office, but we will have tickets available at the door as well.

Check out the Showtime guys on youtube!

West Hill United