A Pilgrimage Reflection

On Sunday May 27th Debbie Sherwin spoke to us about her pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. The following is the Focuesed Moment she offered for our reflection

Sit quietly…follow the footsteps of your mind & be open to your heart’s meandering. The road lies before us. Which path will we take? Will we be wanderers or pilgrims?

Too often we walk as wanderers, roaming without purpose, lost in the past, oblivious to the signs of beauty all around us, distracted by illusion. Other paths take us away from the trail…career, marriage, family…

Pilgrims travel with inner intentions. A wise pilgrim prepares for the journey. She travels lightly, taking only the essentials. She knows to rest along the way for self-care is an absolute must.

The secret is in beginning & beginning again…day after day. The challenges are repeated until we get the lessons & move on to the next step of our journey.

There are signs for the observant pilgrim…the encounters along the way; the many guides in different guises: The road may be rocky at times, and there will be mountains to climb…the unexpected happens…we get lost along the way, forging our own path, trying to find ourselves. If only life came with a map, and it was all just as simple as following the yellow markers.

We call for courage & often fear calls us to grow and transform. The bridges we come to challenge us to commit to their crossing…and once we make the commitment, there’s no turning back.

STOP? But I was just hitting my stride…sometimes the way is marked by obstacles that slow us down or stop us in our tracks…but eventually the way becomes clear. We discover that the way was closed as an opportunity for guidance…a chance to reassess our lives.

Listen to the voice of Holy Wisdom. Take time to smell the flowers. Breathe in Beauty. Be still. The wisdom in stillness will guide you home.

Blessed be the journey.

John DiPede