AMEN - Globe and Mail mini review


What Prayer Can Mean in a World Beyond Belief

By Gretta Vosper, HarperCollins, 356 pages

"Hate to take issue with the subtitle of this progressive Canadian Christian minister's book, but a whole lot of the world is nowhere beyond belief. In fact, it's immersed and wallowing in it, and thereby causing much misery. That said, though, this is a very intelligent guide to prayer, as Vosper shepherds us through the very diverse reasons why we humans are given to it. For some, it's a direct channel to God, or the cosmic life force. For some, it's meditation; for others, a waste of time and energy. Vosper is especially good on unanswered prayers and how, rather than expecting supernatural agents to act in historical time, we ought to assume responsibility for suffering."

John DiPede