This United Church

Thanks to Jordan Sullivan who posted this link on Facebook, I'm able to draw your attention to the results of a survey recently completed that aimed to get a handle on the identity, values, and beliefs of people in The United Church of Canada.  There's lots in here to explore but a few interesting tidbits to get you going:

The survey results were coalesced into four groups: Pillars (38%), Observers (23%), Traditionalists (21%), and Progressives (17%).  Hmmm.  Which are you?  You'll have to read the descriptions to REALLY figure it out!

The average length of time someone had been associated with the United Church: 23 years

Respondents over 50 years of age: 82%

Respondents born in Canada: 86%

Respondents who said they'd be very comfortable with a gay, lesbian, or transgender minister: 50%

Respondents to said they'd be very comfortable with a transgender minister: 27%

(The following isn't from the report but I thought you'd find it interesting!)

Number of United Churches: 3362

Number that are members of Affirm United: 62 

Enjoy reading the rest of the report!  You'll find it here but you'll need to scroll down a bit to get to the actual links.