Shining Waters Regional Council - Community Events Page

Our Community Event  Calendar is ready to use

We are happy to introduce another element in our Shining Waters Communication plan, a shared Community Events Calendar. We believe this serves our vision to encourage and connect communities of faith and we invite you to give it a try. This calendar is a DIY (do-it-yourself) version of a community calendar where anyone can post an event on our website, without having to be logged in. Staff will still post and circulate events that are hosted by the region, but all other events can be listed and shared this way.

What kind of events can be listed?

We are going to start with a broad call for events. Please remember that this is a region-wide listing, so every time please consider if this is an event that folks around the region would be interested in attending.
Other than that, our starting criteria are

  • events that are located within the boundaries of the SWRC;

  • events that have some relationship with The United Church of Canada and our ethos, including events hosted by local communities of faith, ecumenical and multi-faith friends, community organizations.

See the Event tip sheet below for the list of events that will not be published.

Who can submit an event?

The calendar is open to anyone in the region who wants to post an event as long as you are willing to serve as the contact person. This is the field we will use ensure our events are connected to our region. It is also the way we will confirm with you that the event has been posted. You don’t need to be the actual host of the event to be listed as the Organizer. If the host and the organizer are different, include the hosting information in the event description information. If you don’t wish to leave a phone number, just leave it blank, however an e-mail address is required. As long as you have permission, and it is an active address, you can use an organizational e-mail here, for example a church info e-mail.

How do I post an event?  

Go to the events section of our website and find the form Add a Community Event in the Events menu and submit the form. Here is a tip sheet about our Events Calendar with more detailed information. There is also a video that walks through filling out the form if that's easier.

Will it appear automatically on the website?

Events are held for review before publishing and will be approved by staff during business hours, Monday to Friday. Please allow up to 48 hrs for the approval process, it usually won't take this long. When your event is approved it will appear in our listing based on the categories you chose and you will receive an e-mail that notifies you it has been posted.

How do I find out about events in Shining Waters Regional Council? 

There are three ways to find out about events.

  • Shining Waters Regional Council will e-mail members directly about events that are hosted by the region.

  • All events from our Community Calendar are listed on our website and can be divided into categories chosen by the user. View Community Events to see them all, or view only the areas you are interested in. Let us know if there’s a category you'd like to see in the feedback link below.

  • Our Community Events Newsletter, first issue September 16, will automatically send out a monthly listing of all upcoming events.

What's  next?

  • September 3 - 15, 2019 Announcement Following this announcement e-mail, we hope you will add your upcoming events to the listing. Anything added before September 15 will appear in the first newsletter.

  • September 16, 2019 First Community Events newsletter. This earlier date is to get a jump on listing events for the fall. Following this first issue, all newsletters will be issued on the 1st of the month, including all events that have been posted by the end of the previous month (last business day).

Let us know what you think

This is a work in progress and we are very much learning as we go. If you have suggestions as to how we can improve this tool or comments on overall communications, please send your feedback to Susie Henderson using the button below.

Andrea DiPede