What We Believe

In 2003, when we gathered together to begin writing a statement of faith, we experienced first-hand what statements of belief do. In the same moment that they identify a group, they separate it from others, i.e., beliefs divide people into those who belong and those who don't, those on the inside and those on the outside.  We discovered that we would rather create a document articulating how we wanted to live. We felt it reflected an aspect of our Christian roots in the early communities who shared what they had and became known for how they loved.   

So we researched statements of principles and values from numerous organizations, created a draft, formed a writing group, created more drafts, shared it with the congregation and small study groups, solicited input from outside groups and individuals, and finally created the document that came to be called VisionWorks. It was determined that to keep it relevant and useful, it would be reviewed and revised where needed every 5 years by writing groups with invitations for input from those involved with West Hill and beyond.  VisionWorks has therefore been revised twice, each time with rich discussion, new questions, deep deliberation, and fresh insights. 

We hold ourselves, our actions, responses, decisions, and choices, accountable to the principles and values we have chosen as our guides for living in right relationship with ourselves, with others we know, with others we may never meet, and with all life on the planet. Daunting.  But no less a standard will do, if love for one another is the ultimate good.   




If you want to read our VisionWorks document, please click here.