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April 1, 2014 

This month's board meeting was attended by most of the board members plus several visitors from the congregation.  It's always a pleasure to have engaged members from the congregation present at the meetings, and visitors are always welcome, so come on out on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.

Financially, we're slightly ahead of our budget for the year.  We had a great conversation about ways to increase our fundraising activities and rentals to bring in some more revenue so we can close the deficit gap in our budget.  We had a long discussion around spending some of our capital reserve funds on renovating the auditorium downstairs, which the board approved.  We will be painting, upgrading the lighting to LED fixtures, making one of the washrooms fully wheelchair accessible, and upgrading some of the flooring.  We will need lots of volunteers to make this project happen, so we're counting on lots of participation from the rest of the community!

We also talked a bit about next steps for thestudio@westhill, the proposed programmatic arm of the congregation.  We heard back that a grant application we sent in was rejected.  The planning group will need to meet again to determine what to do next.  

We will be undertaking a review and rewriting of our VisionWorks document, our community's statement of collective belief which we commit to reviewing every five years.  This is the ten year anniversary of the first VisionWorks document, which you can find under the "What We Believe" tab here on the website.

We also approved the idea of having monthly services out in the West End of the city somewhere--Gretta and Scott would take the Sunday service out there to help develop some community among folks for whom the trek out to Scarborough is a bit too far for a Sunday morning.  The board approved this in principle and we'll work out the details later.

We heard an update on the progress of the Solar Panel project that Rollin is spearheading.  We are going ahead with the project and currently seeking bids, which is very exciting!