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January 2014

In January, the board focused on the finances, looking over the year-end financial statements and going over the areas we'd like to spend money on in 2014.  Kelly also reported back on the ongoing fundraising efforts, which have been very successful!  We agreed to form an ad hoc committee chaired by Kevin Jackson to help set priorities for capital improvement projects, and we talked about our application to have summer students helping us out this year.  

We also noted the current board vacancies--we're looking for a representative for Marketing and Communication, for Finance, for Friendship and Hospitality, for Education and Growth, and to represent our community at Presbytery, the next level up of church governance, every two months.  These positions are flexible, and being on the board is a real joy, so please consider serving the community as part of the board.  There's lots of administrative support--board positions are not meant to carry a lot of direct task responsibilility, but rather focus on representing the interests of a particular focus area in the deliberations of the board!